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Taking a closer look at fishing kayaks and their accessories

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Recent advancement in technology and the spread of e-marketing has made kayaks easily accessible and more affordable leading to a sharp rise in the number of people who are engaged in kayak fishing.  Fishing kayaks are designed in a similar manner to the normal recreational sit on top and sit in models but are made with beams that are characteristically wide to improve their stability laterally. This is meant to allow anglers stand upright on the kayaks as they fish without toppling into the water.

Durability, stability and comfort are generally the most important factors that determine the kind of kayak that a fishing enthusiast acquires.  The hulls of the kayaks are capable of accommodating a variety of fishing equipment that are necessary for the anglers fishing expeditions. Here are some of the fishing equipment that are bound to be found stored in the hull of a fishing kayak:

Kayak anchor

For kayak fishing to be successful especially when it is done in fresh waters, a kayak anchor is an important piece of equipment. This is because it provides the ability to hold onto one position which can determine the success of the fishing expedition. They are available in portable packages and are easily collapsible after use. It is important to note that these anchors are not suitable for use in the ocean. Underwater ocean currents can easily suck the kayak into the water in the event that an anchor gets entangled. When venturing into the ocean, drift chutes are more appropriate.

Fish finder

It is a useful gadget that assists an angler to locate and catch fish and can greatly improve the fishing experience.  They are widely available online with varying capabilities depending on the available budget.

Rod holders

They assist the anglers in making sure that fishing rods stay in the right positions. They can either be manufactured from fiberglass, stainless steel, zinc, nylon, aluminum, or ABS plastic. The kind of material used in making them is an important parameter in determining the kind of waters they can be used in.

A fish grip

This seemingly simple equipment is basically a fish gripping pliers which clamps the lip of the fish safely making sure that the angler does not sustain injuries from the teeth of the fish which in most cases are very sharp. It is also used to ensure that the fish caught does not sustain any injuries since at times the fish is released back into the water.

Clothing/ Apparel

One of the biggest threats to an enjoyable fishing experience on a kayak is the risk of hypothermia. Getting wet while on a kayak is almost certain; however use of a dry suit can be very helpful in ensuring that an angler does not get all soaked up by cold water which can be harmful to their health.

Bait bank

In order to keep the bait that one intends to use alive, one can use bait banks. Bait banks can also be used to temporarily store the fish for weighing incase it is done for the purposes of competing.

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