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Cleanup Products every Dog Owner Needs

clean-dogIf are considering getting a dog, or you already have one, then you should make sure that you have the best cleaning products available. Pets are awesome because they offer companionship and are very good at changing your mood, but they require immense discipline and commitment to look after properly.

However, having the right cleaning products can help deal with messy dogs, dogs that are still being trained, or dogs which are shedding. The RSPCA is an effective place to get started, they provide a wealth of great information over there and you can find some great factsheets about the products to go for and avoid.

However, there are so many different products and brands out there it can be hard to know if what you are buying is quality or if it will even do the job advertised. If you are looking into specific types of products, then we can offer some suggestions toward what type of products you should be buying.

Febreeze – Febreeze is a must for any dog owner. It offers complete odour elimination and current dog owners will already know how much of a saviour that could be – especially those with larger dogs! It keeps your home fresh and nice, as well, and is usually on offer somewhere or another.

Glade – Dogs, when sleeping on a carpeted surface, can start to emit an odour from their enhanced body temperatures. With the smell clinging to the floor, it can become really difficult to remove. However, Glade Carpet and Room provides an easy way to remove this smell, it pulls it clean off the carpet. Sprinkle it onto the carpet and vacuum.

Resolve – Resolve have long made great carpet cleaning products, and it offers extremely easy removal and cleaning of “accidents”. Remove as much as you can with paper towels, and then use the cleaner and allow it to set in, then clean it with a wet cloth and once it has dried more, vacuum the area. It easily solves disgusting situations.

Baking Soda – This is a much cheaper alternative, but slightly less effective, version of the Glade Carpet and Room product. It only removes the odour, without adding a pleasant smell. However, you can use baking soda on your pet without causing it any damage when cleaning, to help keep them odour free.

Paper Towels – You need to get strong, absorbant towels so do not go for cheap, weak brands. Spend the little extra on Bounty or the like, and soak up the damage with ease.

Use these products to keep your pet feeling much fresher and your house smelling much better, and the job will become much less of a chore!

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Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Significant Other

Monogamy in other mammals has been documented, but no creature really seems to have the art of romance mastered like humans.

With people, monogamous relationships means that you will have to work to keep your partner happy. The key to a happy relationship often lies in the art of making your partner feel appreciated for all the work that they do for you. Here are some ways that you can show your partner that you care for them and appreciate all they do. Continued…

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Should You Drink Coffee If You’re On A Diet?

Some people are under the impression that if you drink coffee while on a diet it will actually hinder weight loss, while others believe that it will boost your metabolism, but hinder your energy levels. Some believe it can actually boost energy and metabolism, making it a great addition to a diet and exercise plan (in moderation). The range of opinions is wide ranging but when you sit down and talk to an open minded health care professional about it they can explain why the range is so different.

Most of us don’t drink the same type of coffee drink, many going for the “dessert” like concoctions instead, like gourmet Donut house k-cups, or a frappucino at Starbucks. Coffee, when you get it at a local cafe, comes is a wide variety of choices beyond a straight up drip coffee. When it comes to adding a coffee to your weight loss plan they don’t mean the blends that are packed with calories, full fat milk, whip cream, sugary syrups – you get the picture. Obviously mocha/syrup/sugar filled blends aren’t going to be an asset when it comes to losing weight, so whether you drink regular ground coffee or coffee from k-cups, you need to make sure you minimize the amount of sweeteners in your brew. On the other hand, if you opt for straight coffee with low fat milk or half and half, and perhaps a natural sweetener, you’ll be alright, and as long as you enjoy it in moderation it delivers some great benefits. If you drink coffee first thing in the morning with your breakfast, it can boost your metabolism and in a big way; it’s a great way to start the day.

Coffee is better in moderation and you need to make sure that you keep it at that level. If you drink too much and go overboard you can end up lowering your metabolism, decreasing your energy levels and eventually causing dehydration.

Coffee can boost your metabolism and deliver better results when you’re working out and trying to lose weight so make sure it’s a healthy part of your diet.

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Having Your First Child

If you’ve ever wondered “can i get pregnant on my period?“, well, the answer is that you certainly can. Actually, you’re probably not wondering that unless you’re a child yourself – it takes a certain naïveté to not realize that you can get pregnant anytime you have sex without contraception.

Having said that, the feelings you get when you find out you’re pregnant due to an unplanned pregnancy are drastically different than those you feel from a planned one (duh!). Even deciding when to tell people you are pregnant is a totally different exercise depending if the pregnancy was planned or unplanned. How long it takes you to come to terms with the idea depends a lot on your maturity – or your ability to mature quickly – when you find out that your whole world has changed. It also depends on the support system around you – luckily for me, I had the support of loving and nurturing parents who I knew would be there to catch me if I stumbled. I would imagine the journey would have been 10,000 times harder without them. Continued…

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Drawing Inspiration From My Dreams

Lately, I find myself having the most vivid dreams.  In fact, I swear some of them were bordering on lucid.  I was definitely controlling the events in my dreams – for example, I would be in a conversation and I would say something or embarassing, and I would literally go back in my dream and play out the scenario, but say something wittier (or at least something that appeared witty in my dream) – almost the same way you would if you were daydreaming.  Except at the time, I didn’t actually realize I was in a dream!

I’ve had real lucid dreams before, dreams where I realized during the dream I could control things and shape them to how I wanted.  I can actually remember the point where the images in my dreams start fading, where the images start losing their color and detail, and I realize that my thoughts are fading to blackness.

Here are some interesting facts about dreams that I have experienced recently. Continued…

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Drawing Inspiration From Greatness

A great speech is more than just words, it does more than inform us with the content of the sentences coming out of the speaker’s mouth.  A great speech has the power to move us, to change our emotions.  It has the power to bring us from a state of depression and helplessness, to a position of empowerment and motivation.

Don’t believe me?  Take a look at these famous speeches in history known for their inspirational power.  These speeches changed the course of history, solely through the will and passion of the orator.  Think how helpful it would be to be able to deliver such a moving speech in your own life, whether you’re in business, education, or entertainment.

If you’re looking for tips on public speaking, these tips from toastmasters are a great start.  Speaking of which, toastmasters is a great organization to get your public speaking started with, if it’s a skill you want to improve.

When I was digging for inspirational historical speeches, I also came across a couple of funny articles on really weird names and a fascinating article on the top ten most dangerous cities of 2013.  Check them out if you want a little entertainment, or go to

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My Experiences Living With An Alcoholic

Unless you’ve done it before, you really don’t know what its about.  The problem is that – when you’re dealing with an alcoholic who drinks everyday – all logic goes out the window.  Everyone else is left holding the back, trying to keep the family together, while the alcoholic is completely oblivious to the pain and destruction their irresponsible actions cause.  Of course they’re oblivious – they’re drunk.

Without realizing it, you start to enable the alcoholic.  You call into work for them when they’re hungover and say that they’re “sick”.  You cover their share of the bills.  You walk on eggshells, trying not to give the alcoholic a reason to get belligerent.

When you’re a kid, it also makes you grow up faster.  Having a parent who’s an alcoholic…lets just say they’re not much of a parent.  You end up taking care of your siblings, cooking meals, clean the house.  You grow up real quick.  You wonder when it’ll all end.  How it will all end.

Looking back, I understand why people at Al-Anon say that the family has a disease as well.  When you live with an alcoholic, you’re sick as well.  Your actions revolve around the sobriety of the alcoholic in your household, but that’s no way to live your life.

You need to learn to detach your happiness from the alcoholic’s sobriety.  That’s what I learned to do as a teenager, even though I didn’t know that was what I was doing.  I didn’t realize that my stepping up was enabling behavior, I was just trying to take care of myself and my family.  You need to identify the fine line between helping out and enabling the alcoholic.

I think if you are living with an alcoholic, you do have to confront them about it, whether through an intervention or otherwise – whatever you can do to get them into rehab.  If all else fails, and the alcoholic won’t stop drinking or take responsibility for the family’s problems, than you might have to find a way to leave.  If you’re a kid, that can be next to impossible.  But as a parent, it might be the best choice for both your kids and yourself.


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Watching Friends Re-runs

Has it really been almost 10 years since Friends went off the air?  19 years since it first came on the air??? There are kids going into high school who were barely out of toddlerhood when the Friends decided they were tired of making a million dollars an episode and wanted to do other stuff.  If you were born the year friends came on the air, you’re legally old enough to drink.

I gotta say, watching Friends reruns a year after the fact, I forgot how awesome the show was. A lot of the criticisms I had for some of the later season have melted away, replaced by nostalgia and a lamentation of the current state of TV sitcoms.

One thing I started wondering about while watching is why no show since then has attempted to replicate the formula. Was Friends just lightening in a bottle? Is it possible to make another version of friends, with 6 equally compelling and likeable characters?

What are some of your favorite friends episodes? Mine include:

  • The one where everybody finds out – Chandler and Monica hide their relationship for 2/3rds of a season.  Hilarity ensues when they find out.
  • Any thanksgiving episodes – most of them have a lot of laughs and a lot of heart.  I really liked the one with Brad Pitt.
  • The one where it could have been – two part episode where Ross still married to Carol the lesbian, Joey never got fired off days of our lives, Rachel married Barry and never hooked up with the gang, Monica is still fat, Chandler is an aspiring writer, and Phoebe is a type a stockbroker with a penchant for chain smoking.
  • The one with the prom video – maybe I just like any episode with fat Monica
  • When they go to Vegas and Ross and Rachel get hammered and get married.

I’m sure there are dozens of amazing episodes I’m forgetting, but that’s about all I have right now.  Oh, and Matt Leblanc is awesome in Episodes. Check it out.

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