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Making friends in a strange town through a heated football debate

Making friends in a strange town through a heated football debate

I am new in my town. I have been here just a month since I came from Texas after I got my new job. I am happy to be here, it is a small town but I like the fact that it is a quieter town and people are friendlier. The environment is also less polluted and better with the wooded hills surrounding the well planned town. It is a pleasant town that has been able to maintain some of its original friendly customs founded by the pioneering immigrants whose families still live on in the lovely small town.

I love my new job. I have more challenges than I had in my old job and I am able to be more adventurous. I am now in a smaller younger company and I am able to exert my influence better. The pay is also much better.

Within the few days that I have been here in this town, I have already been able to make some friends. The first friends I was able to make were working colleagues. Usually, the first friends that people make in the workplace do not last. This is because many times first impressions lie.

In the workplace, many people are usually not sincere and hypocrisy is the order of the day. In the workplace many people are usually on a stage acting one role or another. Many times the intent is to give the other workmates, usually those in senior management positions, an impression of a great worker with all the likable characters.

Being that I was coming into this new job in a managerial position, albeit a junior management position, I could detect that some of the staff members were just trying to impress me by their cordial talk and their eagerness towards creating a friendly relationship.

I was able to make friends with some two guys from another department when without being uninvited I joined their table during lunch. They were having a heated debate about a football game that had been played over the weekend. The game had been very controversial and emotional. Being a sports enthusiast and a football fan, I dived into the conversation.

The two guys did not know who I was, all they cared for at the time was airing their views on the topic. This was quite alright with me. All through lunch we had a heated debate. As we were finishing off our lunch and having some cool fruit wine is when one of the guys asked me what company I was representing. Apparently they had all along thought that I was one of the many marketers from different companies who often visited the company.

I went on to tell them who I was and they were quite surprised. I was also surprised because they were both also in managerial positions although in a different department.

They were happy to take me on as a friend and they promised to help me to settle down and get familiar with the town.

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Confronting this monstrous giant known as excessive body weight

Confronting this monstrous giant known as excessive body weight

Today one of the biggest problem facing the modern day man is the issue of body weight. Unlike before, people are increasingly accumulating too much unnecessary fat in their bodies. This has numerous negative health effects. Some of the adverse effects of excessive weight include high blood pressure, heart attacks, heart failure, diabetes, kidney failure, arthritis, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, stroke, anxiety, depression, cancer, gall bladder diseases erectile dysfunction, infertility, body pain and difficulty in physical movement. Excessive weight is associated with all kinds of causes of death.

There are several reasons why people today are increasingly becoming excessively overweight. A major factor is the food that we feed on today. The food that people take today especially in the developed countries are processed foods. Many processed foods are produced with a focus of making the food more tasty and hence attracting more sales. For example, most of the foods made from flour are made with flour that has all the important roughages and other nutrients filtered from it. This flour contains very little nutrients while the bulk of it contains bad carbohydrates.

These are the foods that make up a huge percentage of our daily diet. These foods usually contain lots of fats, sugar, salt and other additives that are meant to make them tastier. People flock to buy these products and avoid the natural food that is grainy and many times have a bland taste. These tastier processed foods are the foods which eventually make the people fat.

To avoid these foods, people should feed more on whole healthy foods. People should try to have diets that have more of fruits and vegetables rather than the common foods that are rich in carbohydrates and fats. For example, you can opt to have a nicely blended smoothie for lunch instead of having a burger, some pizza, or some French fries.

Another reason that makes people gain excessive weight today is the fact that people are engaging less and less in physical exercises. Our lifestyles today consist of using lifts, driving, and sitting all day in the office or on the sofa watching TV. With such kind of lifestyles, we are not able to use up all the energy that we consume in the starch loaded diets that we constantly feed on.

Apart from observing proper diet, it is also important to ensure that we engage in some physical exercises. Physical exercise will help burn up the extra calories in our meals and therefore the calories will not be converted to fat. Engaging in strenuous exercise while also observing low carb diets will also help burn up the fat in the body.

There are various ways of working out to reduce weight. One could engage in aerobics or weightlifting. Other methods include yoga and martial arts.

Exercising or working out not only helps you to reduce weight but it also makes one fit i.e. it helps one to be able to engage in physical exercises easier and improves the functioning of body systems such as the respiratory system and the circulatory system. Physical exercise also strengthens the heart.

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A short introduction to health and nutrition

A short introduction to health and nutrition

Health and nutrition is a science that is involved with the wellbeing of the human body especially in relation to the body having all the necessary nutrients necessary to support all the functions of the systems in the body.

The human being, like most other living organisms, depends on food for energy and other nutrients necessary for different body functions. Like a machine which needs fuel and other additives to ensure its smooth functioning, we also eat food regularly so as to continually supply the body. The body is usually constantly using up what we take in. So long as we are alive, the body functions are always active and therefore they are always demanding more supplies in form of nutrients.

The largest form of nutrients needed by the body are nutrients that provide energy i.e. carbohydrates. As we have said, the body is like a machine; and just like a machine needs a lot of fuel to operate, our bodies also need a lot of energy. The various systems of the body such as the circulatory system, digestive system, respiratory system, and nervous system all depend on energy from the foods we eat. Apart from this, we also use up a lot of energy through body motion and work.

Another type of nutrient needed by the body includes the nutrients that are essential for the growth of body tissue i.e. proteins. Proteins are especially important for fetal growth and for growing persons. However, even fully grown persons still need proteins since body tissue is constantly withering off and being replaced.

Vitamins are another kind of nutrient that is essential for the body. There are many kinds of nutrients and each have different types of biochemical functions in the body. Vitamins are important for the normal growth and development of multicellular organisms. They are responsible for the regulation of mineral metabolism, regulation of tissue growth and differentiation, they act as enzyme catalyst for different reactions, and some act as antioxidants.

There are other substances that are also necessary in sustaining a healthy body with proper functioning systems. A common very important substance is water.

The above nutrients are usually found in food. Some foods can have a combination of nutrients within them. It is important to identify what each types of foods are rich in. This will help us to know how to combine the foods so as to have a balanced diet. A balanced diet is a diet that consists the necessary amounts of all the vital nutrients.

Having too much of a nutrient can be harmful or can lead to negative effects. A common problem that is caused by consuming too much of a particular nutrient can be seen by the effects of taking too much carbohydrates which leads to accumulation of excessive weight.

Nutrients can be destroyed during food preparation or processing. For example, overcooking vegetables can destroy the vitamins within them. This is also the case with overcooking proteins. In today’s world, we can avoid overcooking food by timing our cooking. This can be done manually or by the use of programmable electric cookers.

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A simple guide to follow when shopping for kitchen appliances

A simple guide to follow when shopping for kitchen appliances

Shopping for kitchenware or kitchen appliances is an activity that should be approached with a lot of care. Otherwise, one might end up purchasing costly implements that are not really needed, items that cannot fit in the storage room in the kitchen, or buying the wrong item. Before going off to shop for any kitchen appliance, it is important to first know what you need. The need will drive you to knowing what appliances to buy. Many times it might be necessary to consult someone who is more knowledgeable about the appliances in question.

In the kitchen there are many kinds of appliances and each appliance is usually designed to be used for a specific purpose. For example, there are the cutting tools. There are several types of cutting tools that one can use but each type of tools is usually designed to cut a specific item. For example there is the meat cleaver that is used to cut meat and at times cut through bone although there are special saws that are used to cut through thick tough bone. There are the serrated knives that are used to cut pastries including cakes and bread. We also have the ordinary kitchen knife that is used to do most of the cutting in the kitchen including cutting up vegetables, peeling fruits, slicing, and other cutting tasks.

Each of the above tool should be used for its intended purpose or else the task you are faced with may become difficult, you may end up with bad results, or you may end up destroying your tool.

When going shopping therefore, you need to know exactly what you are buying the item for. For example when you want to buy a cooker, you need to know what type of cooker you need, is it a rice cooker, an ordinary skillet, or a pressure cooker. You also need to know the specific details of the appliance you need. In the case of a pressure cooker, you might want to buy a programmable pressure cooker if you want to enjoy the luxury of being able to tend to other tasks as your food is cooking.

Within the kitchen appliances stores, one may be overwhelmed with the plethora of available options. This is another reason why one might need the help of someone who is more knowledgeable or one who has used the implements before.

This can be especially seen when buying things like blenders. In the stores today there are many types of blenders and each have their own function. Some are better than others at performing certain tasks. For example, there are blenders that are used to blend tough food while others are just sufficient for blending soft foods.

Within the category of blenders, we have two major types of blenders. There are table top blenders and immersion blenders. Table top blenders are the traditional blenders that are placed on the table. They have a container that contains blades and this is where you blend your food in. Immersion blenders are hand held blenders that that have a long arm with rotors at the end. The rotors are dipped into the food you want to blend and the blender is easily controlled by the hand on the other end.

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The changing trends of the modern day and its health implications

The changing trends of the modern day and its health implications

The lifestyles of people are changing day by day due to a continual change in the way we approach life. As it is, advancement in technology and science is the foremost reason why our lifestyles have changed so drastically. The lifestyle of the modern man is very different from the lifestyle that man had about three hundred years ago. Things have changed considerably.

Lifestyle is usually dictated by the vital things that we have to do day to day so as to survive. Usually this involves the activities of finding food, finding shelter, clothing, security, raising a family, and living harmoniously with other people in the community. Today, many of these vital needs for survival are readily available but focus has changed to how to make life more comfortable.

With the changes in how things are done in the world, and with technology taking over a lot of things, focus is now on maximum production. Human beings are now in a race to produce much more than before. Due to this, man is working many more hours than before.

A lot of man’s attention today is on working more to earn more. To afford to pay the constant bills and to be able to meet other basic needs, man today has to put in more working hours than before. Many people are having to work more than one job so as to make ends meet.

Despite the need to produce more, man is not being able to feed his body any better. The diet of the modern day man is terrible. Today man is feeding more on processed foods that are usually deprived of healthy nutrients necessary for the good health of the body. The processed foods are not only in the stores, man is also making the foods at home, today there are implements that can be used to make ice cream at home, people can bake all kinds of pastries from their homes, and all other kinds of unhealthy foods.

The unhealthy food that makes people have poor health are usually more appealing due to their taste. The foods are much tastier mostly due to their high sugar and fat content. Some of the foods are also spiced with detrimental spices such as salt, and other spices that might affect the body negatively.

Due to ingesting a lot of these unhealthy diets, many people are now developing negative effects such as gaining excessive weight. This is a common problem across the world that has made people start thinking twice about what kind of food they are taking in. This is because excessive body weight is a condition that can lead to many problems such as high blood pressure, heart problems, and circulatory problems.

To control their body weight, people are turning to various means of body weight control including the use of calorie counter watches. These are gadgets worn on the wrist and they help to inform the wearer of the number of calories they are burning during exercise and they can also help determine how many calories are consumed in a meal.

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Travelling around the world and sampling various cuisines

various cuisines

I love travelling. This is my foremost hobby. I wish I could be able to travel all year round. Unfortunately, I am restricted to a few weeks in a year which is during my vacation. When time comes for vacation, I usually have already planned where to visit and have made all the necessary arrangements. Luckily, my wife is also an enthusiast of travel. Travelling together with her makes it very interesting and a time to always look forward to.

In my travels I have been able to travel to many places around the world. I have visited all the continents and have visited many countries. During my travels, there are many things that fascinate me. Top on the list is wildlife.

I love seeing new and strange wild animals. I am amazed at their beauty and the vast discrepancies in animals in different regions around the world. I love to view the wild animals in their natural habitat and not in the zoos where I feel that they are oppressed and it makes me sad instead of delighting me. I especially love to see the wild animal hunts such as the ferocious lion and hyena hunts that I witnessed in Kenya, Africa.

I also love viewing and experiencing the cultures of people in different parts of the world. I love seeing how people make a living and how their social lives are conducted. In doing this, one of the most important things that I do is sample the cuisine.

I love food. When I am out on vacation, I make sure that I have sampled as much as possible of the food from different cultures. Many times I stumble across very strange foods. At times I end up eating horribly tasting foods such as the time when I visited Mexico and decided to eat some food that had tamales. I had eaten hot spicy food before including some Indian cuisine but I was not ready for what I got in them tamales.

Many times however I am able to come across quite tasty food. During the last trip in Israel, my wife and I had been hosted by an Israeli family that had served us with some very tasty hummus. We had loved the food so much that my wife had to extend the stay by one day so that she could learn how to prepare the hummus in the same way. We continually reap the rewards of that visit up to today.

In every part of the world, people have different kinds of food. The culture of the people is usually very much associated with their food. The foods cooked by different communities are usually foods made with recipes that have been passed down many years with adjustments being made to make the food better.

In almost every place we visit around the world, there are also some outlets that deal in American food to satisfy the tourist who happens to be missing some food from home. In many facilities around the world, you will also see the popular expresso coffee machine used to quench the thirst of caffeine lovers from western countries.

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Failing to get a job did not kill my dream for a career in cooking

cookery 1

After I graduated from college in cookery, I was quite optimistic of finding a job very fast. I had performed very well in college and I was sure that my top performance would make me highly sought-after. I was however quite disappointed.

One month after the other passed without any acceptance letter coming my way. At first I had been every eager when any letter came in or when any phone call came through. However, as time passed I started slowly becoming pessimistic. I started realizing that I might have to wait for a long time.

I knew what the problem was. The problem lay with my approach in sending my applications. As it is, I have not travelled much and haven’t been out of the state in my entire life. I am also very close to my parents being the only child. Therefore, I did not want to move far away from home. I had a certain fear of the unknown and did not want to venture far off and mix with people and cultures that I was not familiar with. I wanted to be as close as possible to home.

This is why I had sent my job applications to only the places that were close to home. I had somehow been confident that I would be called up. However it seemed that there were simply no available vacancies.

As time went on, boredom started creeping in since I had all the time in the world with nothing much to do but to wait for my call up. I decided that I would have to do something to occupy my time. The only thing that I loved was cooking. I could not see myself working in any other line or job. Now that I had all the free time, I decided that I would do something in the field of cookery.

My home area does not have many eateries or diners apart from several fast food joints. I do not like food from fast foods and this had always bothered me since one could hardly find a decent eatery with proper food.

This is what led me to decide to have my own small eatery in the neighborhood. With the help of my parents I bought a few kitchen appliances such as some skillets and I was able to rent a strategic business premise. I also bought some furniture and decorated the room to my own taste.

I knew that I would get some good traffic of customers since there was a college nearby that had many students who would often eat in the fast food outlets due to lack of a better place to eat.

At first, the traffic was slow but it slowly started picking. After the first month, I introduced a special rice to the menu. I cooked the rice with an assortment of Indian spices. The popularity of my eatery shot up. I had to buy two more rice cookers to keep up with the high demand. I also had to get more seats to accommodate more and satisfy the flow of customers.

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Cleanup Products every Dog Owner Needs

clean-dogIf are considering getting a dog, or you already have one, then you should make sure that you have the best cleaning products available. Pets are awesome because they offer companionship and are very good at changing your mood, but they require immense discipline and commitment to look after properly.

However, having the right cleaning products can help deal with messy dogs, dogs that are still being trained, or dogs which are shedding. The RSPCA is an effective place to get started, they provide a wealth of great information over there and you can find some great factsheets about the products to go for and avoid.

However, there are so many different products and brands out there it can be hard to know if what you are buying is quality or if it will even do the job advertised. If you are looking into specific types of products, then we can offer some suggestions toward what type of products you should be buying.

Febreeze – Febreeze is a must for any dog owner. It offers complete odour elimination and current dog owners will already know how much of a saviour that could be – especially those with larger dogs! It keeps your home fresh and nice, as well, and is usually on offer somewhere or another.

Glade – Dogs, when sleeping on a carpeted surface, can start to emit an odour from their enhanced body temperatures. With the smell clinging to the floor, it can become really difficult to remove. However, Glade Carpet and Room provides an easy way to remove this smell, it pulls it clean off the carpet. Sprinkle it onto the carpet and vacuum.

Resolve – Resolve have long made great carpet cleaning products, and it offers extremely easy removal and cleaning of “accidents”. Remove as much as you can with paper towels, and then use the cleaner and allow it to set in, then clean it with a wet cloth and once it has dried more, vacuum the area. It easily solves disgusting situations.

Baking Soda – This is a much cheaper alternative, but slightly less effective, version of the Glade Carpet and Room product. It only removes the odour, without adding a pleasant smell. However, you can use baking soda on your pet without causing it any damage when cleaning, to help keep them odour free.

Paper Towels – You need to get strong, absorbant towels so do not go for cheap, weak brands. Spend the little extra on Bounty or the like, and soak up the damage with ease.

Use these products to keep your pet feeling much fresher and your house smelling much better, and the job will become much less of a chore!

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Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Significant Other

Monogamy in other mammals has been documented, but no creature really seems to have the art of romance mastered like humans.

With people, monogamous relationships means that you will have to work to keep your partner happy. The key to a happy relationship often lies in the art of making your partner feel appreciated for all the work that they do for you. Here are some ways that you can show your partner that you care for them and appreciate all they do. Continued…

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Should You Drink Coffee If You’re On A Diet?

Some people are under the impression that if you drink coffee while on a diet it will actually hinder weight loss, while others believe that it will boost your metabolism, but hinder your energy levels. Some believe it can actually boost energy and metabolism, making it a great addition to a diet and exercise plan (in moderation). The range of opinions is wide ranging but when you sit down and talk to an open minded health care professional about it they can explain why the range is so different.

Most of us don’t drink the same type of coffee drink, many going for the “dessert” like concoctions instead, like gourmet Donut house k-cups, or a frappucino at Starbucks. Coffee, when you get it at a local cafe, comes is a wide variety of choices beyond a straight up drip coffee. When it comes to adding a coffee to your weight loss plan they don’t mean the blends that are packed with calories, full fat milk, whip cream, sugary syrups – you get the picture. Obviously mocha/syrup/sugar filled blends aren’t going to be an asset when it comes to losing weight, so whether you drink regular ground coffee or coffee from k-cups, you need to make sure you minimize the amount of sweeteners in your brew. On the other hand, if you opt for straight coffee with low fat milk or half and half, and perhaps a natural sweetener, you’ll be alright, and as long as you enjoy it in moderation it delivers some great benefits. If you drink coffee first thing in the morning with your breakfast, it can boost your metabolism and in a big way; it’s a great way to start the day.

Coffee is better in moderation and you need to make sure that you keep it at that level. If you drink too much and go overboard you can end up lowering your metabolism, decreasing your energy levels and eventually causing dehydration.

Coffee can boost your metabolism and deliver better results when you’re working out and trying to lose weight so make sure it’s a healthy part of your diet.

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